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Founded by sister psychologists Toresa Muitty-Mehra and Sunddip Muitty Synergy Psychological is a fully integrated clinic that provides therapy, individual /couples counseling, telehealth services, business, and life-coaching for everyone’s unique needs.
Our vision is to help individuals become their best selves and lead a fulfilled life in all avenues. The team at Synergy Psychological Inc. is committed to helping you achieve your goals in all areas of your life. We start by helping you build a strong relationship within yourself to use as an anchor to create the positive and meaningful change that you desire. Building a strong foundation with confidence is the key that will bind all your aspirations to fruition. You can become the person you are destined to be with the sound psychological methods and principles that the team at Synergy Psychological employs as a base for all therapeutic sessions. Let us help you pave the way to the future you want with the success you desire to become a great leader in your own life. Embark on a journey to your greatest potential self, based on your own dreams. We will synergistically help you achieve your goals for what you want for your mental health and wellness by using our principles of sound collaboration and innovative evidence-based treatment to help you achieve and maintain success in your life-long mental health journey.