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Our Founders

Toresa Muitty-Mehra
PhD, M.C, R. Psych.

Sunddip Muitty
PhD, M.C, R. Psych.

Toresa Muitty-Mehra and Sunddip Muitty have both completed their Bachelors of Arts in Psychology degrees as well as their Master of Counselling Degrees. Both sisters have also completed their Registration process with the College of Alberta Psychologists and are practicing Registered Psychologists in the province Alberta.

Sunddip and Toresa are now following their passion for education and dedication to achievement by pursuing a PhD in Organizational Leadership. Combined with their educational backgrounds, Toresa and Sunddip have an extensive business and entrepreneurial background. They a proven track record of business success and have built many businesses in the past from the ground up. They have utilized their understanding of the human psyche and relationships to foster strong alliances with associates; all the while keeping their family values of integrity and honesty at the forefront of their work. This foundation has led them to expand on their experience and take their profession to a new level. In obtaining their doctoral degree Toresa and Sunddip hope to use their education in the combination of psychology and business leadership practices to educate and motivate others on leading edge concepts to all facets of business including, start-up, building relationships, sustaining, and maintaining a thriving business. They are now accepting business/corporate-consulting clients that are looking to achieve the accolades they desire professionally.